Hey folks! I’m Emily, the designer and podcaster behind Gently Chaotic Knits. I am currently traveling full time with my husband! I grew up in Norman, OK, moved out to Seattle in 2016, and absolutely loved my time there. I’m a huge math nerd and got both my BA and MS in math. I’m also a huge baseball nerd, and worked as an analyst for the Seattle Mariners for four years before pursuing yarn and crafting full time!

From when I first learned to knit in high school to now, somewhere along the way it became such a big part of my life now I rarely go a day without knitting! In 2021 I designed my first pattern, the Stripey Turtle Tank, and loved sharing what my brain and hands made with others so much I had to keep going! My designs are inspired by lots of things: color, geometry, clothes I love, family, nature, everything I see and feel!

I care a lot about being inclusive, kind, and respectful of others. That carries into my pattern writing, as well as the the way I interact with the knitting community online. I can’t thank you enough for being here, knitting with me, or even just hanging out!